The Employee Safety Podcast: How to Build a Ransomware Resilience Plan

In this episode, Heather Engel, Managing Partner at Strategic Cyber Partners, shares invaluable insights on building an effective ransomware attack response plan and navigating the complex decisions before, during, and after ransomware incidents. Listen in to learn how to:

  • Protect and recover critical systems and data
  • Train your team to stay vigilant against social engineering
  • Consider your options before paying a ransom
  • Mitigate reputational risk with effective communication

Listen here:

Heather Engel is a strategic advisor to government and industry clients on risk management, cyber planning, and security program development; and is an author and a keynote speaker at industry events around the country. She is the founder and Managing Partner at Strategic Cyber Partners, LLC and a recognized subject matter expert in NIST frameworks, FedRAMP, and Payment Card Industry security standards. She has over 18 years of experience in information technology and security and is experienced in both the private and government sectors. Ms. Engel graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and holds a Master of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology. She is a governor-appointed member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, where she chairs the Legislative and Policy Committee. Volunteer work includes Mary Baldwin University’s Cyber Security Program Advisory Committee and the Coastal Virginia CCI Leadership Council as subject matter expert on cybersecurity. She is also a member of the CIVIC Leadership Institute Class of 2020.